Fluency Resources


Oppourtunities to listen to fluent reading, to re-read passages, and to act out passages are recommended.

You can work on reading words, phrases, sentences, or passages fluently. It is better to practice fluent reading on easier levels of reading so that the focus is on smooth, expressive reading. When the focus of fluency is on speed, there can be an increase in stress and inaccurate reading.


Great Leaps: Reading Passages including phrases for early readers

Reading A to Z: Fluency passages for 1st through 5th Grade

Quick Reads: Fluency program with 5 stories on one topic – great bridge with comprehension. Grades 2 – 6

Think, Talk, Laugh: A Workbook to Increase Verbal Processing Speed

RAN Workbook: An Orton-Gillingham resource to improve Rapid Naming