Resources: Remembering Words


You can teach students how to remember words in a systematic fashion. For most students, you can start with a few words at a time and introduce a few more at a time. If word families are difficult, start with easily decodable words. Counter-intuitively, it can be useful for students with a profound challenge with remembering words to memorize symbols from a different language (that the student cannot sound out) or a combination of numbers and letters.


Words Their Way: Well-paced curriculum that focuses on levelled word sorts – increase effectiveness with visual memory strategies

Pete Bowers: Great place to learn more about morphology instruction

Visual Memory: An e-book with picture memory cues

Visual Sequential Memory: An e-book with picture memory cues in sequence

POP for Sight Words: Fun practice game – you can add in memorization techniques

SPLAT Sight Words: More fun practice with an attention grabber

Super Genius Sight Words: Great game that combines pictures and words